2 Things To Expect At Your First Appointment With An Infertility Doctor

Posted on: 4 October 2017


If you and your partner have been trying to get pregnant for quite some time without success, or with several miscarriages, then your regular OBGYN may suggest that you visit an infertility specialist. This kind of a doctor will be able to give you specialized treatment that other OBGYNs can't because of their extensive schooling and training dealing specifically with infertility. It can sometimes be a bit nerve wracking to visit an infertility specialist for the very first time, and you may have no idea what to expect. This article will discuss 2 things that you can expect at your first appointment with an infertility doctor. 

Questions For You And Your Partner 

At the beginning of your infertility appointment, the doctor will ask you a great deal of questions regarding conception and the factors surrounding it. They will ask the female partner questions regarding her period, if she has had any miscarriages, etc. The male partner will also be asked if he has any other children with a different partner, if he has received any fertility tests, etc. Both partners will be asked how long they have been trying, and how diligent they have been in terms of ovulation tracking and other things of this nature. This allows the infertility doctor to get a great deal of background information that will allow them to see the best way to move forward with the couple, in terms of further testing, methods to try, medications to take, etc. 

Specific Tests

Once your infertility history has been noted, the infertility doctor may then want to either schedule or perform certain exams and tests at that same appointment. From the female partner, they will likely want to test her fallopian tubes via an x-ray to see if they are clear and functioning as they should. He will also likely want to test her ovaries to see if the are producing the correct amount of a hormone responsible for follicle stimulating. This cannot be done on the same day, but will have to be done during her menstrual cycle. The male partner will need to have his sperm counted tested as well to see if there are any issues there. This is a test that can be performed on the same day. Once the results from these tests are gathered, the doctor may then begin to have an idea of what may be wrong, or they may find that nothing yet has been found to be wrong. 

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