• How to Ease Anxiety About Seeing the Gynecologist

    As much as you know that seeing the gynecologist for regular exams is important, you are bound to feel a bit nervous about this undertaking. If your feelings are more than a little nervousness—perhaps bordering on anxiety—you may put off appointments. Here are some ways to calm your anxiety in relation to gynecology appointments  1. Arrange to see a female gynecologist Is some of your anxiety related to having a male doctor examine you?
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  • Understanding Cervical Cryosurgery: Is It Right For You?

    As a woman, you most likely understand the importance of annual exams that include pap smears. This test involves swabbing cells from the cervix to determine if you have any cells that can lead to cervical cancer. While the presence these cells does not automatically signify cancer, removing pre-cancerous cells is imperative for preventing the disease. Cervical cryotherapy is one of the least invasive options for removing these cells successfully. With this guide, you will understand the process of this procedure and learn if it is the right option for you.
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